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Discover the ultimate source for exceptional insect feeders and buy live insects online in Australia at Crazy Critters! We specialise in providing high-quality insect feeders that cater to the specific nutritional needs of your reptilian and amphibian pets.

Our commitment to freshness and quality ensures that every order meets the highest standards, perfect for pet owners who want the best for their critters. Whether you're looking for mealworms, crickets or specialty insects, our diverse selection will help stimulate your pets' natural feeding behaviours while promoting their health and vitality.

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Live Feeder Insects for Reptiles

Your Best Source for Live Insects in Australia

Welcome to Crazy Critters! Dive into the fascinating world of live insects in Australia, where the health and happiness of your reptilian and amphibian friends begin. Our diverse range of live insect feeders for reptiles is not just nutritious, but also a natural way to stimulate your pet's instincts.

Explore our expansive catalogue that promises quality and variety, perfect for all your feeder insect needs!

Our Extensive Range of Live Insect Feeders

At Crazy Critters, we proudly offer a diverse selection of live feeder insects to meet the unique nutritional needs of your pets:

  • Mealworms — A favourite for their high protein content, these are perfect for supporting growth and health for your unique pets.
  • Crickets — Energetic and entertaining, these add a fun dynamic to feeding time, stimulating your pet's natural hunting instincts.
  • House Flies — Ideal for smaller reptiles and amphibians, offering a necessary variety in their diet to ensure balanced nutrition.
  • Woodies — Known as a nutritious alternative, these are great for pet owners looking for different feeding options to diversify their pets' diet.
  • Specialty insects — Tailored to specific dietary needs, these unique insect feeders cater to the more exotic or particular appetites of diverse pets.

Our live insects in Australia are bred with care, ensuring they are healthy and nutritious for your beloved critters.

Convenience at Your Fingertips — Seamless Shopping Experience Guaranteed

Placing orders from Crazy Critters is a breeze! We offer multiple payment options to suit your needs and ensure a seamless experience. Our shipping service covers QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and TAS, ensuring convenience and reliability in receiving your orders.

We understand the urgency when it comes to feeding your beloved pets, and our commitment to fast, efficient delivery reflects this. Rest easy knowing your feeder insects will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Ready to Nourish Your Exotic Friends with Nature's Best?

Don’t wait any longer! Choose a trustworthy source to keep your beloved pets full, happy and healthy. Buy live insects online in Australia at Crazy Critters — your premier destination for live insect feeders and other feeding supplies.


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How We Guarantee Fresh Deliveries Every Time

At Crazy Critters, we prioritise the health of your pets by ensuring our live insect feeders arrive fresh and on time every time. We use specialised packaging designed to maintain optimal conditions during transit, which helps prevent heat stress and other issues, especially during challenging weather conditions.


Our team's expertise in logistics and insect care guarantees that each order is delivered in the best possible state. Moreover, we believe in transparency and honesty in all our communications. If conditions suggest that another supplier would better meet your needs, we will inform you openly, putting your interests first.


Rest assured that our goal is to provide not just products but solutions that ensure the well-being of your pets. We also do our best to handle wholesale and last-minute or special requests to meet your needs. For personalised support, get in touch with our team.


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Our Story

Crazy Critters is a small family-owned and operated business specialising in live food for insectivorous animals.

Our goal is to become a leading supplier of live insects by offering great prices, providing friendly customer service and rewarding our loyal customers. 

Thank you for my delivery of crickets. I am really impressed with your prompt service. You have exceptional thoughtfulness and customer service. Well done, you have my business from now on.

- Anne

I always buy my crickets from Crazy Critters! They have amazing customer service. Pricing is very competitive after researching other suppliers : )

- Erica

I have been so impressed by the speedy service and delivery each time I have ordered from Crazy Critters! Always packaged perfectly and will continue ordering from them in the future.

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Your product is second to none. Whoever I reach and talk
with is amazingly helpful. If I had to rate I could not speak highly enough about Crazy Critters.. thank you.

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