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Fluon - Insect Barrier Paint

Fluon is a liquid-based PTFE product that creates a non-grip surface, acting as an impassable barrier to prevent your live feeder insects from escaping. For this reason, fluon is commonly called "insect barrier paint".


It is suitable to use with a variety of insects, even the more difficult to contain types such as ants, BSFL, crickets and woodies.



Fluon is a highly sought-after product and is the preferred choice for many breeders and hobbyists maintaining live insects.


It has many benefits and uses including: 

  • can be applied to different materials with smooth surfaces including glass, metal and plastic.

  • allows insects to be stored in containers without lids, reducing humidity levels.

  • prevents insects from escaping into your pet's enclosure when applied to the food bowl holding insects.

Fluon is non-toxic so will not cause harm to your live feeder insects, and is immediately effective upon drying.


Crazy Critters has fluon available in two sizes for your convenience:

  • 50ml bottle; and 

  • 125ml bottle


  • Apply a thin layer of fluon as a 5-10cm strip around all inside top edges of your insect storage container/tub.

  • For a consistent and smooth finish, we recommend using a small paint roller with a fabric cover.

  • To prevent strong fumes, apply this product outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

  • Re-apply fluon insect barrier paint as needed, usually every 2 to 3 months. 



To increase shelf-life, store fluon between 5°C-30°C and gently roll the bottle once a month to prevent clumping. 


Do not refrigerate, freeze or shake this product



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