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100% Live Guarantee

We understand the most important part of ordering live insects online is that they arrive, well... Alive! 

Crazy Critters guarantee our live insects will arrive at your door healthy and alive, every time!

We are committed to ensuring you receive your order in the best condition, by:

  • using processes that avoid excessive handling, reducing stress on our insects, ensuring their health remains of high quality;

  • carefully packing our live insects with enough food to provide sufficient nutrients and moisture in transit;

  • using¬†boxes with adequate ventilation for airflow and labelled to ensure appropriate handling;

  • oversupplying our insects¬†(up to 20%) to account for any small losses in transit, so you can be certain you're receiving the right numbers;

  • assessing our local weather forecasts to ensure appropriate conditions for shipping; and

  • delivering orders to the post office later in the afternoon,¬†where they¬†are loaded directly onto trucks (i.e. not stored at the post office¬†all day).


It's the confidence we have in our packing and shipping processes that allows us to offer our customers a 100% Live Guarantee on all orders.


Please note our Live Guarantee does have limitations. 



We take every precaution to ensure your live insects arrive in the best condition possible; however, some things are beyond our control.

The most common issues that arise with ordering live insects include:

  • weather extremes

  • unattended delivery


    We delay sending orders if our local weather falls outside acceptable shipping temperatures. However, we cannot assess our customer's local weather conditions for each order before shipping live insects. 

    It is the customer's responsibility to consider their upcoming local weather before placing an order, taking into account any extremes of temperature, hot or cold.


    In situations where the delivery address is unattended at the time of delivery, we cannot guarantee live insects as the conditions they are left in are beyond our control.  

    To address this issue, all Crazy Critters shipping boxes are labelled warning of live insects inside, directing them to be placed in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

    Any orders left at your delivery address or returned to the post office awaiting collection become the customer's responsibility.  


    Making A Claim

    If there is an issue with your order, please complete and submit our

    This form needs to be completed
    immediately after delivery
    and within 24 hours of your order arriving. 


    You will also need to provide photos of the product condition.

    We will respond as soon as possible with the outcome of your claim.  

      To rectify substantial losses, we offer store credit, replacement or refund (at the discretion of Crazy Critters); and we endeavour to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 


      If you have any questions about our 100% Live Guarantee, please contact us.


      We appreciate our customers' feedback
      as this helps us to continually
      improve our products and services. 

      Great Shipping Rates

      We use live shipping rates!
      Shipping fees are based on order
      size, weight and destination.

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      100% Live Guarantee*

      We guarantee that our insects
      will arrive to your door healthy
      and alive! T&C's apply.

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      Regular Orders

      Enjoy the convenience of a
      regular standing order on
      weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

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