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Kit Includes: 

  • 50g Calcium Powder
  • 50g Gutload
  • Ventilated Storage Tub
    6.5cm (W) x 6.5cm (D) x 4.4cm (H)


Calcium is essential for bone growth and maintenance, muscle function and metabolism. 

Common feeder insects like crickets, mealworms and woodies are low in calcium so providing additional dietary calcium is strongly recommended. 

Crazy Critters Calcium powder can help you to meet your pets nutritional needs, simply dust live insects immediately before feeding to your pet.


Increase the nutritional value of your feeder insects with Crazy Critters Gutload - premium insect food

Feeder insects alone can provide your pet with many essential vitamins and nutrients. But to ensure your pet benefits from additional nutrients, the insects consumed should be offered a high-quality diet.

The term 'gutloading' simply means feeding your live insects a nutrient-rich diet to temporarily fill their gastrointestinal tract (gut) before feeding them to your pet. 

Directions: 2-3 hours before feeding your pet, separate the live insects by placing them in a small container (like our ventilated feeder storage tub) and add 1-2 tsp. of Crazy Critters Gutload for them to eat. 

Ventilated Storage Tub

Our ventilated feeder storage tubs are a great way to separate your live insects before feeding them to your pet, and to gutload or dust with calcium. 

The containers are made from transparent plastic, feature a small anti-escape opening in the lid for easy-feeding, and ventilation holes to allow for air-flow and heat dissipation.

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