What Are The Best Staple Feeder Insects?


The long-term health of your pet insectivore may depend on you providing them with a nutritious and varied diet. So you might be wondering what are the best live insects for good overall nutrition?

The nutritional value of feeder insects are more or less a mix-and-match of differing levels of moisture, protein, fat, fibre (chitin) and Ca:P ratio, with some offering better nutritional value than others. 

In this blog post we discuss some of the best staple and occasional feeder insects that you should include in your pet's diet.

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Which Insects Offer The Best Nutrition?


As an owner or keeper, you're probably aware that your pet amphibian, arachnid or reptile needs insects as part of a balanced diet, but have you considered the nutrients each of the different feeder insects offer? 

When you know the nutritional profiles of different insect types, meeting your pet's individual dietary needs is more manageable. 

In this blog post we compare the different nutritional values of some common live feeder insects, and set it out in a simple, easy to follow table format.

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5 Benefits of Feeding Live Insects to Your Pet


Insectivores are animals that eat insects as part of their diet. Common pets include birds, chickens, frogs, lizards, turtles, scorpions and spiders.

While some owners may prefer not to offer live feeder insects to their pet, there are some great benefits to consider before looking for alternatives.

In this blog post we discuss 5 benefits your pet will get if you include live insects in their diet.  

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