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Discover the Nutritional Power of Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Are you worried about your insectivorous pet and struggling to find a consistent and nutritious food source that they actually enjoy eating? Look no further than our fresh, live black soldier fly larvae!

Black soldier fly larvae, or BSFL worms, are one of the best ways for pet owners to feed their insectivorous companions. At Crazy Critters, we're thrilled to offer you live BSFL worms that ensure your pets receive the best in terms of both nutrition and taste. These larvae, known for their high protein and beneficial fat content, do way more than regular feed — they're a superfood for your pets!

How They Nourish Your Pets

Our black soldier fly larvae are a nutritious live feed option for pets such as frogs, lizards, birds and fish. These BSF larvae are offered in medium sizes (approximately 15-20 mm in length) that can cater to both young and adult pets, ensuring a suitable match for the dietary needs of different-sized pets stimulated to feed by movement.

The natural balance of calcium to phosphorus in BSF larvae makes them an ideal staple, promoting healthy bone growth and minimising the risk of nutritional diseases associated with imbalanced captive diets. Opt for our live BSFL for sale to ensure your pets are satisfied and thriving with a diet that mimics their natural nutritional requirements — currently available in packs of 10 grams up to 500-gram bulk packs.

Buy Black Soldier Fly Larvae Online at Crazy Critters

Shop our premium black soldier fly larvae to enhance your pets' diet today effortlessly. At Crazy Critters, we prioritise your pets' health and your peace of mind, offering hassle-free online purchases, convenient shipping on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and next-day dispatch on orders placed before 9 pm. If you’re looking for something different, we consistently update our inventory of live feeds for peak freshness!