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Mealworms | Regular

(Tenebrio molitor)

Welcome to the versatile and nutritious world of regular mealworms at Crazy Critters!

Our regular mealworms are the perfect all-rounder for your pet's dietary needs. Ideal for a wide range of animals, these mealworms provide essential nutrition and are a favourite among pet owners.


The Benefits of Our Regular Mealworms

Here are the key advantages of choosing our regular mealworms for your pet's dietary needs:

  • fresh and full of nutrients
  • versatile diet staple

Experience the difference in your pet's health and happiness with our regular mealworms.

Effortless Shopping Experience

At Crazy Critters, we make purchasing regular mealworms a breeze. Opt for our 1.5 kg bulk regular mealworms and enjoy the convenience of a large supply with just a few clicks.

Our streamlined shipping options cover major regions including QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and TAS, ensuring your mealworms arrive promptly and in top condition. 


We offer a variety of payment methods to suit your preferences, making your shopping experience as seamless as possible.

regular mealworms now and let your pets enjoy the nutritional benefits they offer!

Our mealworms are available in three different sizes: 

Crazy Critters live mealworms are perfect for animals stimulated to feed by movement or for those fussy eaters who have little interest in non-moving food.

regular mealworms are suitable for omnivores and are safe to feed the following animals to provide variety in their diet:

  • bearded dragons
  • blue tongue lizards
  • chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowls
  • forest dragons
  • frogs
  • geckos
  • gliders and possums
  • green tree frogs
  • predatory fish
  • small mammals
  • turtles
  • water dragons; and
  • wildlife


We recommend that you: 

  • unpack your mealworms on arrival to reduce the risk of losses

  • store them in a fridge to slow their growth

  • remove them from the fridge every 1 to 2 weeks: allow them to eat for 24 hours then replace the bran in their container before returning them to the fridge

  • when feeding your pet: remove mealworms from the fridge 24-48 hours beforehand and gutload

Mealworms are not considered a staple food because of their high-fat content, so we recommend you offer them as an occasional treat to pets in good health.

If your pet is injured, sick or breeding, adding mealworms to their diet can help with healthy weight gain.


Mealworms arrived in great condition and all alive.

- Chris

Great service, great products, fast turnaround.

- R

All arrived in good condition and on time, as they said.

- Colin

I've shopped around, this is who I'm going to stay with.

- Stephanie

Bought consistently over 5 months, never had an issue.

- Beverley

Every time order has arrived promptly and healthy.

- Scott