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>> FROM MAY 2022 <<


The time and effort we have put into increasing our breeding stock is finally starting to pay off!

We are now seeing bulk volumes in Crickets and Woodies. 

Bulks are available in smaller sizes now, and larger sizes are a few weeks away.




    >> FROM MAY 2022 <<


    It is important to avoid overcrowding in bulks to minimise losses.

    For this reason, we have decided to change the number of live insects in our bulks to try ensure the best possible quality is maintained during transit.




    >> FROM TUESDAY, 19 APRIL 2022 << 


    As a result of order volumes over recent weeks, our current shipping schedule will change, as follows: 

    • Suspend shipping on Mondays - ongoing

    • Interstate orders sent on Tuesday each week¬†

    • Queensland orders sent on Tuesday and Wednesday each week

    EFFECTIVE from Tuesday, 19 April 2022.

    The new order cut-off times will be updated accordingly. 




    >> UPDATED APRIL 2022 <<


    We have decided to change the order cut-off time to make packing and sending orders more manageable for our small team.

    ALL orders are will be subject to our order cut-off time of 9:00 pm for next-day dispatch.

    EFFECTIVE from Tuesday, 19 April 2022. 


    This means:  

    Queensland Orders

    • No longer shipping on Monday.

    • Orders placed¬†before 9:00 pm Monday¬†will be¬†sent on Tuesday.

    • Orders placed¬†after 9:00 pm Monday¬†until 9:00 pm Tuesday¬†will be sent¬†Wednesday.

    • Orders placed¬†after 9:00 pm Tuesday¬†will be sent on the following Tuesday.


    Interstate Orders

    • To Victoria¬†are¬†reinstated from Monday, 14 March 2022
    • No longer shipping on Monday.

    • All interstate orders will be sent on Tuesday each week.

    • Orders placed¬†before 9:00 pm Monday¬†will be¬†sent on Tuesday the same week.
    • We will try our best to continue packing and sending interstate orders placed¬†throughout the day on Tuesday, however, this¬†depends on our capacity on the day.

    • Orders received¬†after 9:00 pm Monday¬†may be sent on Tuesday of the following week.




    >> FROM MONDAY, 14 MARCH 2022 <<


    After monitoring the progress of recent express post shipping timeframes, we have decided to resume interstate orders to Victoria.

    The website checkout has been updated to now allow orders to be placed with a Victorian shipping address.

    If you have any trouble placing an order via the website, please send an email to:




    >> FROM JANUARY 2022 << 


    If you have a question about ordering with Crazy Critters, please visit our F.A.Q's page to see if we have already provided an answer before contacting us. 

    We try our best to respond to customer enquiries as soon as possible, however, with only a very small team here at Crazy Critters it is very important that everyone is available to help prepare orders and care for insect colonies. 

    If your enquiry isn't answered on our F.A.Q page, you are welcome to send us an email, SMS text message, or submit a contact enquiry via the website but we ask that you please be patient while waiting for a response. 

    Please do not call the Crazy Critters mobile - this number is reserved for urgent SMS enquiries only regarding current orders. 

    For stock availability, please check the website.

    All sale stock is listed on the website, as it becomes available. If a product is "sold out" on the website, we don't have any stock available for purchase.

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