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Black Solider Fly Larvae

(Hermetia illucens)


Crazy Critters offers you the convenience of high-quality live feeder insects delivered to your door! 



Our live BSFL are are medium-sized and approximately 15-20mm in length. 

    Black Solider Fly Larvae (BSFL) naturally have a balanced calcium:phosphorous ratio; making them an ideal staple in your pet's diet.

    Feeding a calcium-rich feeder insect, like BSFL, can minimise the risk of nutritional diseases related to low calcium intake or inversed calcium to phosphorous ratios, common in captive diets. 

    Crazy Critters live black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) are perfect for animals stimulated to feed by movement.

    You can feed our insects to your pet:

    • frogs

    • geckos

    • insect-eating birds

    • lizards

    • predatory fish

    • scorpions and spiders

    • turtles; and

    • wildlife

    to provide variety in their diet.


      We recommend that you: 

      • unpack your BSFL on arrival to reduce the risk of losses

      • store them at room temperature in a storage container with a ventilated lid (fly screen insert or drilled holes)

      • apply a 5cm - 10cm strip of Fluon Insect Barrier Paint to the top inside edges of your storage container to prevent escapees! 

      • raise them on a high-protein diet like Crazy Critters Gutload - Premium Insect Food, or for a lower-protein option try our Organic Wheat Bran, and provide fresh produce twice a week.


      Although BSFL have an extremely high calcium content, like many other common feeder insects, they are deficient in fat-soluble vitamins A, D3 and E.

      For this reason, when BSFL is a staple in your pet's diet, we recommend using multivitamin supplements each week.

      It is also important to note that the digestibility of the nutrients offered by BSFL significantly increases when chewed vs being swallowed whole.

      If your pet swallows their food whole, note whether or not BSFL is being passed intact in faeces. This indicates your pet was unable to digest the BSFL, diminishing the intake of available nutrients.

      You can overcome this issue by puncturing the BSFL exoskeleton (i.e. crushing or mashing) before offering your pet, allowing calcium and other nutrients to be better absorbed.

      Note: BSFL are known by a range of other names, including: 

      • Calciworms

      • Nutriworms;

      • Reptiworms;

      • Vitaworms; and

      • Phoenix Worms


      Mealworms arrived in great condition and all alive.

      - Chris

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      - R

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      - Colin

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