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Dermestids | Mixed

Crazy Critters offers you the convenience of high-quality live feeder insects delivered to your door!



Our dermestids are available as a mix of both beetles and larvae. 


There is a lot of controversy about feeding Dermestids as a feeder insect because they are commonly known for being scavengers that eat both animal and plant matter that is decaying, dead or dry. 


However, dermestids can be used both as feeder insects and a clean-up-crew (CUC). The difference is in the diet the dermestids are raised on. Depending on your primary function for your dermestids, consider what they are being fed.


The biggest challenge for insect colonies and bioactive enclosures is the unwanted growth of potentially harmful bacteria. 


Introducing a clean-up-crew (CUC), such as dermestids, helps to prevent bacteria and mould growth because they feed on the decaying organic matter in the enclosure. 

Dermestids do not cause harm to your live insects and will primarily feed on dead insects, frass and moultings. Be careful not to overpopulate insect colonies as dermestids may begin eating insect food when there isn't enough organic matter to sustain them.



Although they are often associated with decaying organic matter, dermestids can also be raised on a dry animal feed diet and supplemented with meat products if needed.


Any dermestids used as CUC (feeding on dead insects in colonies) may carry harmful bacteria, so it is not recommended to feed these to your animals without switching them to an appropriate diet for a few days before being offered.


If you want to feed off some of your dermestid CUC, remove them from the colony and feed a high-quality diet, including gutload.


It is widely accepted that the quality of diet will change the nutritional profile of feeder insects. Insects also digest food very quickly, usually within hours; so changing to a suitable feeder insect diet for 3-5 days should be sufficient time to increase the nutritional value of dermestids before feeding to your animals. 


Both dermestid larvae and beetles are suitable to use as feeder insects and can be fed to: 

  • birds
  • lizards
  • spiders
  • turtles

There is little information about the nutritional profile of dermestids so they should only be offered as an 'enrichment feeder' and not as a regular staple insect in your pet's diet. 



Dermestids have difficulty climbing smooth surfaces but they can fly short distances in the right conditions, so a plastic storage tub with a ventilated lid is recommended. 



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