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Crickets (Acheta Domestica) | Small

Crazy Critters offers you the convenience of high-quality live feeder insects delivered to your door!

Our live crickets are available in 5 different sizes:

Crickets are easily digestible and high in protein, making them an excellent choice for a staple feeder insect in your pet's diet. 

You can feed our insects to your pet:

  • frogs
  • geckos
  • insect-eating birds
  • lizards
  • predatory fish
  • scorpions and spiders
  • turtles; and
  • wildlife

to provide variety in their diet.

We have a range of quantities available to satisfy all appetites!

offer your pet
mental stimulation
by engaging their
instinctive hunting skills

Live crickets do not naturally have a good calcium:phosphorous ratio and usually require additional calcium before feeding to your pet. 

You can achieve a higher calcium content by:

  • dusting your insects immediately before offering to your pet; or 
  • adding the calcium powder to a gutload supplement fed to your insects. 


Crazy Critters Shipping Reminder



We recommend that you unpack your live crickets on arrival. Store them at room temperature in a ventilated storage container with a fly screen insert or drilled holes in the lid. Ensuring the container is deep enough to prevent escapees - crickets cannot fly, but they can jump! Raise them on a high-protein diet like Crazy Critters Gutload - Premium Insect Food, and provide fresh produce every second or third day. 


    We offer live shipping rates in the checkout to ensure our customers are offered accurate shipping charges that reflect order volume. 

    Read more about shipping.

    We send out orders on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week to ensure your live insects arrive before the weekend. This practice helps reduce any losses in transit.

    Our live insects are carefully packed with dry food, fresh food or a combination of both, to ensure they get sufficient nutrients and moisture in transit and arrive in excellent condition.

    All Crazy Critters boxes have adequate ventilation for airflow and are labelled to ensure appropriate handling. We also slightly oversupply our live insects (up to 20%) to account for any small losses, so you can be confident you receive the right numbers in your order, every time

    We understand the most important part of ordering live food is that they arrive... Alive! So Crazy Critters offers a 100% Live Guarantee. If your live insects arrive in poor condition, let us know and we'll make it right.


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