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FROZEN Crickets (Acheta Domestica) | Large

Crazy Critters frozen crickets offer you exceptional value at only $14.99 for 1 kg of large-size crickets (20+mm).

Less than half the price of live crickets!

Frozen insects are a very economical choice for animals that will take non-moving food and are suitable to feed to birds, chickens, fish, small mammals, lizards and turtles.

Although live insects offer a more enriching feeding experience, frozen insects are a great supplement full of nutrients and flavour. 

Frozen crickets also come in handy as a backup when you're running low on live insects or at times when live insects are in short supply. 

At the low price of only $14.99, it is easy to always have crickets on hand with a bag in the freezer.

Crazy Critters frozen insects are supplied in ziplock bags for easy use and offered only in single 1kg bags. 

We strongly recommend someone is available to accept delivery of your order so your frozen insects can be placed into a freezer immediately on arrival. 

Crazy Critters Reminder Shipping Policy



We offer live shipping rates in the checkout to ensure our customers are offered accurate shipping charges that reflect the order volume. 

We send out orders on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week to ensure your insects arrive before the weekend.

For more information about ordering, shipping fees and timeframes, please read our Shipping policy



Frozen items are available with a minimum weight of 1kg, as this helps to ensure the product remains frozen in transit. 

Crazy Critters frozen insects are supplied in a ziplock bag and packed in a styrofoam box with an ice pack to maintain cool temperatures during transit.

Please note frozen products are available for delivery within the next day delivery network throughout South-East Queensland. 

Any customer orders that do not follow the shipping requirements for frozen products (including shipping address location) automatically assume responsibility for products that thaw out. 

Crazy Critters may refuse any order for frozen insects where the shipping address is outside the next day delivery network in South-East Queensland.


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